Sunday, May 11, 2008

Kaiden- The Photographer

Kaiden has really been into taking picture lately. He could walk around the house forever just snapping shots of the floor, the door, Kalli, his cars, his feet, and yes his fingers a lot of the time too. But he has gotten in a few good shots here and there. I just wanted to post a few. All the ones he took of me I quickly deleted...I'm just not ready to be the center object in one of his master pieces!
PS- these are only a few and I selected the better ones. Gotta love digital cameras, just a simple click to delete all the blurry blobs.

Kalli usually isn't in this many of his pictures but I guess she was being a good model that day!Is this boy amazing or what. He even takes great pictures of himself! (Not really Joe took these I'm sure I had ya going!)Scary face watch out!
I actually took these last 2. Kalli somehow fell into the toy basket and couldn't get out. It was pretty funny. I remember when Kaiden did the same thing as a little boy but he went face first!


Trimble said...

How cute! He is a good little photographer. :)

Todd & Monica Knighton said...

He can make a career out of it :)

AmyAllen said...

Fun times! Ry has always loved to take pictures of herself and everything around here. The picture of Kalli in the toy basket cracks me up! i can just imagine you laughing at her and wanting to grab the camera before you helped her. I would have done the same thing!