Sunday, May 11, 2008

Supermodel Saturday

We had a very busy Saturday with lots of festivities planned. We started the day off at 6:30 am (thanks to Kaiden!). After breakfast and baking 2 dozen cupcakes Kal and dad woken up and we all started slowly getting ready for our first activity, the ward crawfish boil. The Elder's Quorum Presidency hosted it and they did a wonderful job! It was a lot of work b/c it was just 3 of them that started boiling the 400 lbs of crawfish. Yup you read that right 400 pounds of crawfish. And they were delicious. I didn't get any pictures while we were there b/c I was either playing all the fun games provided fro the kids or stuffing my face. The weather was actually pretty nice and though it was a little warm at times a nice breeze would blew every-so-often. But poor Kal she was sweating more than anyone! Her whole head was soaked and she doesn't even have hair to make her hot! After several batches of crawfish we brought the kids home let them rest and I went off to a baby shower.
I had to leave the shower a little early to bring the kids to Brooklyn's 3rd Birthday Party. The kids were so cute in their swimsuits but by the time we got there (which was pretty late) the swimming portion of the party was over. Luckily Kaiden didn't remember much about the swimming once we got inside and he saw all of the other kids and the plethora of Brooklyn's toys. We had a good time but I'm sure Kim (Brooklyn's mom) was ready for the day to be over. There were so many rowdy kids (mine included) running through her new house that I"m sure she was ready to scream. And if she was she hid it all so well! Thanks Kim we had a great time and Happy Birthday Brooklyn!
Once we got home the kids were still in their swimmies but Kaiden was now running a fever and lounging on the couch watching TV. Kalli was just so cute in her swimsuit I had to take a few pictures. My friend Wendy got her this adorable suit along with the hat and sunglasses. It was Kalli's first time wearing it and she didn't even get to swim...but she still looked dang cute!
I had to include the back view with the cute ruffles!
After Kaiden got a short nap and his Tylenol had kicked in he was running around like crazy. Kalli and I had just came home from Wal mart where we finally found her her own chair! She was so excited. She was sitting in the chair while it was in the buggy and I was pushing her around as she waved to everyone. It was sooo cute! She looked like a little princess. Kaiden thought it was pretty great that Kal had her own chair and we got a few pictures. When I told them to look and smile Kaiden just leaned over and laid his head on Kalli. I thought it was so sweet!After sitting still for too long Kalli was trying to climb on her chair to get on top of the table. She always sees Kaiden up there playing and she wants to join in. Well she actually got up all by herself with just the help of her new chair! She was living large. As you can see in the picture she's very happy to be there!


Murray Family said...

That swimsuit is to die for! Love it! How cute that Kaiden is way into taking pictures. He's doing good!

Covington's said...

Can I have Kalli ?? I could get the beatiful little girl without the labor stuff... She is such a cutie. I bought Tyler this cute little pool from Wally World - you need to bring the kiddies over and they can all swim...

AmyAllen said...

How cute is kalli!! Love girls and the girly things they do. She looks so cute in her swimsuit!