Sunday, May 11, 2008

Our day at the park

Tuesday I loaded the kids up and went to North Park. I love this park even though it takes a good 10-15 minutes or so to get there. But there's lots of different slides, swings and a rock climbing wall. Kal was a little tired before we left but once we got there she was running around like crazy. Maybe she had some stored up energy, who knows. The park was almost completely empty so it was nice that I could go up all the slides with Kalli and help her down. That girl is so determined to do anything and EVERYTHING that her brother does. She has no fear! She did really great going down all the slides and started getting the hang of having to sit down before sliding instead of just trying to walk down the slide. I didn't get any pictures while we were there but here's Kal passed out on the way home. She was so tired. I looked back one second and her eyes were getting heavy and the next minute she was completely out! We came home ate some lunch and she went right back to sleep.
Kalli loves this hat! I have bought her a few others that are similar and she screams when I put them on her head. But this hat she'd wear it all day!

After taking Kalli's picture (at a red light of course!) Kaiden whined for me to take his too...and this is the face I got. Doesn't he seem happy for getting what he wanted? :)

On another note we went to Chick-fil-a on Thursday after running errands to have some fun time. Kalli must of gotten all the practice she needed at the park b/c she climbed right on up the steps and went down the slide all by herself! There was a little girl that was at least 2 in there and she was even a little scared to go down the slide at first. All the other mom's couldn't believe Kal was going all by herself and neither could I! She's not even 15 months old yet- I just think she thinks she's as big as Kaiden is. Several weeks ago we were there (we go all the time- I just love that place!) all by ourselves so I crawled up the play area with Kal and helped her down the slide but Thursday she didn't need any help at all. In fact she couldn't even get up the steps without my help the last time and I turn my back for a minute this time and she was already up the first 2 steps! I don't know what that little girl is going to try and do next!


Todd & Monica Knighton said...

Way to go Kal! Soon you will be able to outrun your brother :)

Michael said...

Hey Robin! I'm so glad you came to visit our blog!! I don't mind @ all. your kids are so cute - are you glad to be back with your family in Louisiana? I know Nell is excited to see you - hope I can see you also the next time you are up!!!

Craig, Robyn, Noah and Kaiden... said...

Oh she looks so cute asleep!!
My Kaiden is exactly the same - climbing EVERYWHERE and doing things that Noah certainy didn't do at the same age. They just want to grow up so fast don't they, I wish they would SLOW DOWN!!!