Sunday, March 8, 2009

"I go work"

Awww my little Kalli. She has been off and on being sick all week. Like I said on Wednesday she was sick but Thurs she seemed much better but was still pretty worn out. We watched a movie together while Kaiden was at school and once that ended she was bouncing off the walls. During the movie I had given her some benedryl b/c her nose was just running non-stop. Since I was in desperate need of some groceries we went to Wal-mart once I picked kid (that's Kaiden's nickname for those of you who don't know-not sure why ask Joe he came up with it) up from school. By that time Kal was exhausted! She could hardly keep her eyes open in the car while we were on our way to Kaiden's school. And her nose just kept running non-stop the whole time we were there. As bad as I felt for Kalli it made my shopping experience with 2 kids much easier. Kal sat in the front of the buggy while Kaiden rode in the back until he was overcrowded with food. Then he walked around following behind me like a perfectly obedient son. Well except for that one part where he was trying to poke holes in everything with his new pencil he had gotten from school. I caught him poking a hole through a package of water bottles and fussed at him for doing so and threatened to take away the pencil if he tried that again. The next isle over he was sticking the pencil through an attachment that was hanging from the shelf that had little slots in it. When I turned to look at Kaiden he proceeded to tell me that he didn't make the holes in it b/c it already had holes b/c that's just the way Heavenly Father wanted it. I just couldn't help but laugh and then he just gave me one of his big goofy smiles and continued on with our shopping. Okay so that was completely off track-sorry. So Kal being sick really helped b/c usually when Kaiden is kicked out of the buggy Kal wants to get out and walk around too. Only Kalli has NEVER just walked and followed me. She's always running in the opposite direction and never listens when I call for her. So usually she's just whining in the buggy wanting to get out. But this time she was just so pooped she just sat there and hardly moved. But towards the end she was whining for me to hold her and Kaiden was wanting to ride b/c he was tired of walking so I ended up carrying Kal while Kid rode in the front of the buggy and I pulled it behind me. Once I found a register, that wasn't too ridiculously long, I realized Kalli had completely snotted ALL over me! Poor girl she just layed on my shoulder and didn't move the whole time until I had to put her down to unload the buggy. She fell asleep on the way home and took a good 4 hour nap and woke up feeling fine.
I had to work that night and Joe was staying the night on LSUs campus for his interview the next morning so I dropped the kids off at my parents and Kal was fine all night. They went to bed late but both slept good. In the morning Kalli seemed fine, I went to play volleyball like I usually do at the church, and afterwards we went to Target and then had lunch at the park. After a bath the kids were exhausted and took a good nap. I was able to talk to Joe for a minute during a break and he said his interviews went well. He meet with the professor he's applying for then one of her students and then a group of 3 students from another professor's class. There were 7 people applying with this professor and Joe heard from someone else that she's accepting 2 students. That could be wrong and I hoping she's taking more! So far LSU is the only school we've heard from for a PhD program but we're still hopeful there could be other opportunities its just frustrating knowing that all of his papers were turned in at the beginning of January and here it is March and nothing. You'd think if they weren't interested they'd at least send us a rejection letter by now.
Well Joe was gone all day Friday and didn't come home until 9ish that night due to a social they had after all the interviews. The kids were still up watching a movie since they'd had a late nap. They were both so excited to see their dad but sadly went to bed shortly after he got home. Kal seemed to be feeling pretty good that night and enjoyed playing with her new bucket and sunglasses from Target. She put her glasses on upside down and had her blanket draped over her shoulder while she carried her juice around in her bucket. She came to me and said, "Bye Bye Mommy". When I asked where she was going she replied, "I go work." I thought it was so funny and decided to take a picture of her first day of work. Sorry for the snot nose, I promise I'm constantly trying to keep up and wipe it. She even whines for a kleenex when it starts to run and has cried out for kleenex in the middle of the night b/c her nose is running. Poor girl, I'm surprised her nose isn't completely rubbed raw by now.
Kal on her way to work

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