Thursday, January 31, 2008

Does this towel make me look fat?

Just wanted to post a few more pics of Kalli after bath time. She's growing so much and I finally got a good picture of her 2nd tooth. Yes she's almost a year and only has 2 teeth! All the other kiddies her age and younger have at least 3 or 4 more. But it obviously doesn't keep her from eating. She wants table food so bad and will eat anything (even her baby food) if it’s with mom's fork or off mom's plate. I just wish her other teethies will come in soon so she can start eating more table food. Kalli is also a full time walker now. On Sunday she was able to go from sitting to standing without having to pull up on anything. Once a kid does that there's no turning back! She even tries to do a little run after me or Kaiden at times but she's not quite stable enough to do it very long before she falls. But Kaiden loves having her walking around and following him. He has his moments but he's becoming a great big bro!


Craig & Robyn said...

Oh her little toothie pegs are so cute!! Gosh its so funny watching them walk isn't it...I still haven't got used to Kaiden doing it. But they're definatley not babies anymore, must be time for another one Robin ;-)

Holly said...

Kailey was late getting her teeth, too. They look so cute when they have just the two bottom teeth. I can't believe that she is already walking!

Amanda said...

No she does not look fat! :) This post made me feel so much better. There is a baby that is only a week older than Elizabeth and he has 4 teeth. She just got her #2 this week. I was feeling like she is a little late bloomer so to speak.