Saturday, January 5, 2008

Tree Decorating

The Sunday before Christmas we went to my mom's that night to decorate their Christmas tree. Joe was a sport and helped out even w/ his bad headache. My family probably made his headache worse but he'll never admit it! :) Since I was little we've always decorated our tree together as a family. I remember having so much fun as a kid putting up our favorite ornaments on the tree, that we got to help cut down. My parents now have an artificial tree but we still try and decorate it all together. It's a lot harder since we're more spread out, but we try. We've even waited until Christmas Eve before decorating, just so we could all be together. My sister Carmen flew in late Saturday night and we all got together Sunday night to help put ornaments on the tree. Kaiden was very excited to decorate another tree and once again there were lots of clumps but it still turned out pretty. We were so glad to all be together as family and wish Autumn were here with us. Especially at this time of year. But it was great to be able to talk to her on Christmas Day. Its so hard having her and Joe's parents on missions. I'm so thankful that we (Joe and the kids) can at least talk to Grandma and Grandpa every week. I'm not very good at writing letters (as Autumn is finding out) and I don't know what I'd do if my only way of communicating w/ Joe's parents was through letters. We really missed being close to them this Christmas, especially since Kalli hasn't even meet them yet. But she tells me all the time that she loves them! We also really miss Mark (Joe's big brother)and Sharon's family with their 3 boys. They are growing up so fast, I can't believe it! When I first met my future nephews, Jake was only 2 and he just got baptized this year. Its so crazy how time flies. We haven't seen them since we've moved and wish money grew on trees so we could fly out to visit all the time. So this has nothing to do w/ decorating the Christmas tree but I just wanted to say that I love both of our families and we miss those we don't see often soooooo much!
I think Kaiden only put ornaments on the left side of the tree!

Nana wasn't much help...thanks to Abby
Kalli was helping pick out her favorite ornaments
Then mom helped her put it on the tree, she'd of rather had it in her mouth though!

Don't they look so dorky? :)

What's so funny mom?

Joe taking it easy (as easy as it can be w/ Kalli in your lap!)

Once Papa got the ladder out Kaiden was so excited. He's really concentrating in this pic

We're a very picture crazy family!

No wonder she's having to sit by the fire she's dressed like its summer time!

Kalli w/ Nana and CC



Ryan & Tiffany said...

Tree decorating always seems to start off the holiday headaches. :) j/k Good job on the tree! Hope you all had a fun holiday!!! :) Thanks for the plug for Ryan to cut his hair.....

Kelli Lafranca said...

We are so putting up a tree next year, your blog made me miss putting up our own this time around, even though my parents had one and my kids loved taking off the ornaments. We really need to start traditions like yours.