Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Last of Christmas Day

All of my siblings (except Autumn, who we were able to talk to on the phone!) had Christmas dinner at my mom and dad's along with my aunt and uncle. We had a great time visiting and eating so much delicious food. Afterwards we opened even more presents and the kids were geared and ready to open any present that was handed to them...even some that weren't! We were also able to chat with Autumn on the phone for 1/2 hour. She's got her official release date for Feb 11. I can't believe it's a month away! In all we had a wonderful Christmas day and it was great spending it with family. We're also grateful that we were able to talk to so much family that weren't there with us. We're looking forward to Christmas next year in Colorado with Joe's family. The kids will love being around their older cousins (we had the best time with them this summer.) and we can't wait to visit with Grandma and Grandpa in person! I hope everyone had as an enjoyable Christmas as we did. Now onto the pictures!

Greyson 'opening' his first present. I think he liked the paper more than anything. Aunt Linda showing Kal how to work her new toy.

Kaiden better watch out Gege looks pretty excited about his present!
Carey(Nana's BF), Nana, Kalli and CC. Kalli kept bringing every present of hers to CC and then they'd open it together. Not sure why but it was cute.
Kaiden didn't have a problem helping others open their gifts

Kalli showing off her dress up shoes from CC
Greyson loved his new toy from his favorite Auntie...ME! CC got Kaiden the "Let's Go Fishing" game and it was a big hit!
Uncle Greg entertaining baby Greyson...
...while mom takes a breakKal showing off her new dress ups and then she was locked away in the letter box waiting for her Prince Charming!

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Lacey said...

Looks like so much fuN! I love the family picture at the top! Please tell Aaron I said hello!